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I'm committed to creating inclusive spaces in the academy, as well as promoting rigorous interdisciplinary research. 

At Oberlin College and the University of Chicago, I've had the opportunity to design and teach interdisciplinary classes. In my capacity as a Senior Fellow at the Chicago Center for Teaching, I've led workshops on  inclusive teaching for graduate students in the Humanities Division.

Graduate Level Courses

Spring 2018    “Advanced Theories of Gender &                                                            Sexuality," University of Chicago

Undergraduate Courses

Spring 2021      "Introduction to Latinx Studies," Oberlin College

Spring 2021    "Taste the Nation: Culture, Consumption, and                                       American Identities," Oberlin College

Fall 2021           "Introduction to Comparative American Studies,"                                Oberlin College

Fall 2021          "Brown TV," Oberlin College


Spring 2020    "Portrait of the Artist as ____:                                                                Twentieth-Century Authorship in Theory and                                      Practice," University of Chicago 

Winter 2020    "Inhabiting the Borderlands: Latinx                                                        Embodiment in Literature, Art, and Popular                                        Culture," University of Chicago

Fall 2019       "Media Aesthetics I," University of Chicago


Spring 2019   "What Do Pictures Want…From the Novel?"                                         University of Chicago

Winter 2019   "Bad Taste: Camp, Kitsch, and More," University of                             Chicago

Fall 2018-Winter 2019   "Media Aesthetics I-II,"  University of                                   Chicago

Fall 2016        "Queer Arts After Stonewall,"  University of Chicago

Teaching Workshops Designed for Graduate Students

Spring 2018   "Teaching Race, Teaching Visual Culture,"

                          University of Chicago


Spring 2018     "Interdisciplinary Teaching"

                           University of Chicago

Fall 2017        "Fundamentals of Teaching in the Humanities"

                          University of Chicago

Fall 2016, 2017    "Teaching@Chicago in the Visual Arts"

                                University of Chicago

Fall 2015, 2016    "Fundamentals of Teaching Literature"

                                University of Chicago

Fall 2015     “Identity and Achievement in the Classroom"

                     University of Chicago

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